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88 Elon Musk Quotes and Sayings

Tayeb Tahiri

 88 Elon Musk Quotes and Sayings 

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur, investor, and physicist known for his work in the fields of electric cars and space exploration. He co-founded PayPal, Tesla Motors, and SpaceX, and is now the founder and CEO of SpaceX. He’s also the founder and chairman of SolarCity, a solar energy company.

Musk’s career achievements have made him a leading thinker and innovator in the fields of technology and business. He’s been called “the most important entrepreneur of our time” by Time magazine, and has been listed among the world’s most powerful people by Forbes magazine.

He’s also been involved in a number of controversial incidents. In 2017, he was accused of sexual assault by his former employee, and he later settled the case for $20 million. In 2018, he was fined $20 million by the US Securities and Exchange Commission for misleading investors about the value of Tesla’s stock.

88 Elon Musk Quotes and Sayings

"Yeah, well i feel anyone WHO likes quick cars can love the Tesla. And it's fantastic handling by the manner. I mean this automobile can crush a Porsche on the track, simply crush it. thus if you wish quick cars, you’ll love this automobile. so American state, by the way, it happens to be electrical and it’s double the potency of a Prius."

"There's a silly notion that failure's not AN possibility at National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Failure is AN possibility here. If things don't seem to be failing, you're not innovating enough."

"If you investigate our current technology level, one thing strange should happen to civilisations, and that i mean strange in a very dangerous manner. And it might be that there square measure a full heap of dead, one-planet civilisations."

"Boeing simply took $20 billion and ten years to enhance the potency of their planes by ten p.c. that is pretty lame. I even have a style in mind for a vertical rise supersonic jet that may be a extremely massive improvement."

"You need to be within the position wherever it's the price of the fuel that truly matters and not the price of building the rocket within the 1st place."

"In order to own your voice be detected in Washington, you have got to create some very little contribution.

"In the time period of aviation, there was a good deal of experimentation and a high death rate."

"I think we've got a obligation to take care of the sunshine of consciousness to create positive it continues into the long run."

"I think most of the necessary stuff on the net has been designed. there'll be continued innovation, for sure, however the nice issues of the net have primarily been resolved."

"What i am making an attempt to try to to is, is to form a big distinction in area flight. And facilitate create area flight accessible to nearly anyone."


"Silicon Valley has a number of the neatest engineers and technology business folks within the world."

"The path to the CEO's workplace mustn't be through the CFO's workplace, and it mustn't be through the selling department. It has to be through engineering and style."

"I think it is very vital to own a electrical circuit, wherever you are perpetually puzzling over what you have done and the way you may be doing it higher."

"The u. s. is unquestionably ahead in culture of innovation. If somebody desires to accomplish nice things, there's no higher place than the U.S"

"From associate organic process posture, human consciousness has not been around terribly long. a touch lightweight simply went on once four and a billion years. however usually will that happen? perhaps it's quite rare."

"The electric cell is simply a essentially inferior manner of delivering voltage to an electrical motor than batteries."

"Even if manufacturing greenhouse emission was smart for the surroundings, as long as we're attending to run out of hydrocarbons, we'd like to seek out some property means that of operative."

"Physics is actually deciding the way to discover new things that ar unreasonable, like quantum physics. It's extremely unreasonable."

"I sometimes describe myself as associate engineer; that is primarily what i have been doing since i used to be a child."

"I was born in continent. I came to CA as a result of it's very wherever new technologies will be delivered to fruition, and that i do not see a viable competition."

"Great firms area unit engineered on nice merchandise."

" invariably invest my very own cash within the firms that I produce. I don’t believe the entire factor of simply victimisation different people’s cash. I don’t assume that’s right. I’m not planning to raise others to speculate in one thing if I’m not ready to try and do thus myself."

"When one thing is very important enough, you are doing it albeit the percentages aren't in your favor."

"When one thing is very important enough, you are doing it albeit wethe percentages aren't in your favor."

"I think it’s vital to possess a electrical circuit, wherever you’re perpetually considering what you’ve done and the way you'll be doing it higher."

"I think the sophisticated trade is employed to developing new things terribly quickly. It’s the Silicon Valley method of doing business: You either

 move terribly quickly and you're employed arduous to boost your product technology, otherwise you get destroyed by another company."

"People work higher after they grasp what the goal is and why. it's necessary that folks foresee to returning to figure within the morning and revel in operating."

"I don’t pay my time pontificating regarding high-concept things; I pay my time finding engineering and producing issues."

"The path to the CEO’s workplace shouldn't be through the CFO’s workplace, and it shouldn't be through the selling department. It must be through engineering and style."

"I don’t produce firms for the sake of making firms, however to induce things done."

"I don’t produce firms for the sake of making firms, however to induce things done. "

"A company may be a cluster organized to make a product or service, and it's solely nearly as good as its individuals and the way excited they're regarding making. I do need to acknowledge plenty of super-talented individuals. I simply happen to be the face of the businesses."

"If you would like to grow an enormous redwood, you wish to form positive the seeds area unit ok, nurture the tree, and calculate what may doubtless stop it from growing all the method on. something that breaks it at any purpose stops that growth."

"If you’re attempting to make an organization, it’s like baking a cake. you have got to possess all the ingredients within the right proportion."

"I’d prefer to dial it back five-hitter or 100% and check out to possess a vacation that’s not simply e-mail with a read."

"The reason we must always do a carbon tax is as a result of it is the right issue to try and do. It's social science one zero one, elementary stuff."

"People work higher once they grasp what the goal is and why. it's necessary that folks expect to returning to figure within the morning and luxuriate in operating."

"In the case of Apple, they did originally do production internally, on the other hand on came implausibly sensible outsourced producing from firms like Foxconn. we do not have that within the rocket business. there is no Foxconn within the rocket business."

"I think you ought to continually bear in mind that entropy isn't on your facet."

"Biofuels like plant product need monumental amounts of cropland and find yourself displacing either food crops or natural geographic area, neither of that is nice."

"Really, the sole factor that produces sense is to attempt for bigger collective enlightenment."

"A battery by definition could be a assortment of cells. that the cell could be a very little will of chemicals. and also the challenge is taking a awfully high-energy cell, and an oversized range of them, and mixing them safely into an oversized battery."

"I don't pay my time pontificating regarding high-concept things; I pay my time determination engineering and producing issues."

 "Stationary storage are as huge because the automobile business long run. the expansion rate can in all probability be many times what it's for the automobile business."

"I think Tesla can possibly develop its own autopilot system for the automobile, as i feel it ought to be camera-based, not Lidar-based. However, it's conjointly attainable that we tend to do one thing collectively with Google."

"We might undoubtedly build a flying automotive - however that is not the laborious half. The laborious half is, however does one build a flying automotive that is super safe and quiet? as a result of if it is a howler, you are going to form individuals terribly sad."

"The goal of Tesla is to accelerate property energy, therefore we're about to take a step back and have faith in what is presumably to realize that goal."

"Self-driving cars area unit the natural extension of active safety and clearly one thing we should always do."

 "I've really created a prediction that at intervals thirty years a majority of recent cars created within the us are going to be electrical. and that i do not mean hybrid, I mean absolutely electrical."

"Obviously Tesla is concerning serving to solve the consumption of energy during a property manner, however you wish the assembly of energy during a property manner."

"Winning 'Motor Trend' automotive of the year is maybe the nearest factor to winning the laurels or accolade of the automotive business."

"We polled Tesla house owners, does one wish autopilot disabled or not. Not one person needed it disabled. that is pretty telling."

"Tesla has been staying and constantly fighting for the electric car revolution."

"I wouldn't say I even have an absence of worry. In fact, i would like my worry feeling to be less as a result of it's extremely distracting and fries my system."

 "Nobody needs to shop for a $60,000 electrical Civic. however folks can pay $90,000 for an electrical sports automobile."

"Selling an electrical sports automobile creates a chance to basically modification the method America drives me."

"In my opinion this is a bridge too far to go for fully autonomous cars."

"I'm excited to see BMW bring an electric car to market. Very good."

"I do love email I try to communicate as synchronously as possible I am very good at email."

"The U.S. automotive trade has been mercantilism cars an equivalent method for over one hundred years, and there ar several laws in situ to manipulate specifically however that's to be accomplished."

"Here within the West, individuals usually do not like taking note of their leaders, even though they're right."

"I'd prefer to dial it back five-hitter or 100 percent and take a look at to possess a vacation that is not simply e-mail with a read."

"I'm in person a moderate and a registered freelance, therefore i am not powerfully Democratic or powerfully Republican."

"The lessons of history would counsel that civilisations move in cycles. you'll track that back quite way the Babylonians, the Sumerians, followed by the Egyptians, the Romans, China. We're clearly terribly very upward

 cycl,e straight away, and hopefully that continues to be the case. however it's going to not."

"I have not really read any books on time management."

"I think it is important that someone has a good heart."

"Many people have tried to talk me out of starting a rocket company, and it’s crazy."

"When something is enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."

"I am the Silicon Fence guy. I think people from Silicon Valley can do anything."

"I don’t create companies to build companies, but to do things."

"I think future you'll be able to see Tesla establishing factories in Europe, in alternative components of the U.S. and in Asia."

"Facebook is sort of entrenched and includes a network impact. It's exhausting to interrupt into a network once it's fashioned."

"When industrialist created low cost, reliable cars individuals same, 'Nah, what is wrong with a horse?' That was a large bet he created, and it worked."

"There's nothing - I've bought everything i need. i do not like yachts or anything; you recognize, i am not a yacht person, and i have got just about the nicest plane i would need to possess."

"In my opinion this is a bridge too far to go for fully autonomous cars."

"People need to continue to be interested. It will be happier than anything else. "

"Silicon Valley has evolved a crucial mass of engineers and venture capitalists and every one the support structure - the law corporations, the

$64000 estate, all that - that ar all truly engaged toward being acceptive of startups."

"If you had to shop for a replacement plane each time you flew somewhere, it'd be improbably dearly-won."

"I hate writing regarding personal stuff. i do not have a Facebook page. i do not use my Twitter account. i'm at home with each, however i do not use them.

"I simply wish to retire before i am going gaga as a result of if i do not retire before i am going gaga, then i will do a lot of harm than sensible at that time."

"US. Rumors of the disappearance of the manufacturing sector are greatly exaggerated."

"I say something and then it usually happens. Maybe not on the table, but it usually happens."

"Government is not that sensible at fast advancement of technology. It tends to be higher at funding basic analysis. to own things start off, you have to own industrial corporations have intercourse."

"Trying to read our DNA is like trying to understand software code - only 90% of codes have errors. Understanding and predicting what that software code is going to do is very difficult in that regard."

"I tend to approach things from a physical framework. Rationalism teaches from the first principles rather than through physical analogy."

"There Maineasure some vital variations between me and Tony Stark, like I even have 5 kids, thus I pay longer about to Disneyland than parties."

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