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30 Inspirational Quotes

We have to recognize that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence.

Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through  the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. -CHARLOTTE BRONTË , AUTHOR

May the Force be with you. -STAR WARS, EPISODE IV : A NEW HOPE

Faith lightens the path your shadowed mind has to walk. -MICHELLE HORST, AUTHOR

Drink because you are happy, but never because you are miserable. -G.K. CHESTERTON, AUTHOR

There is only what you want and what happens. There is only grabbing on and holding tight in the darkness. -LAUREN OLIVER, AUTHOR

God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. -JEWISH PROVERB

If you want to  know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. -J.K. ROWLING, AUTHOR

Inspirational Quotes

Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need look at a recipe again, and can take off on your own. -JULIA CHILD, CHEF

there was nothing in the dark that wasn’t there when the lights were on. -ROD SERLING, SCREENWRITER

Mediocrity is always in a rush; but whatever is worth doing at all  is worth doing with consideration. -AMELIA EDITH HUDDLESTON BARR, AUTHOR

Curb your fretting, tadpole, or the frog of your future will fail to croak. -PAUL COLLIN S, AUTHOR

If love be blind, love cannot hit the mark. -WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, PLAYWRIGHT

Sometimes the word quote is used as shorthand for quotation, a passage of speech or writing that’s repeated word for word. As a verb, to quote means to repeat someone’s words, attributing them to their originator. Quotes are short enough to keep you interested but long enough to cover the essence.
Some might find the quotes amusing. Some might find them inspiring. Some might see the dark reality of the society in the quotes. Some might find the best solutions for their lifelong problems in them. But one thing is for sure. Quotes will make you feel the unshakable truth.

And I will never again underestimate the power of anticipation. Thereis no better boost in the present than an invitation into the future. -CAROLINE KEPNES, AUTHOR

To be poor and be without trees, is to be the most starved human being in the world. To be poor and have trees, is to   be completely rich in ways that money can never buy. -CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, AUTHOR

Old age is a wonderful disguise. -KATHERINE APPLEGATE, AUTHOR

Things end. People leave. And you know what? Life goes on. Besides, if bad things didn’t happen, how would you be able to feel the good ones? -ELIZABETH SCOTT, AUTHOR

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows. -HELEN KELLER, AUTHOR AND ACTIVIST

Life is no different than the weather. Not only is it unpredictable, but it shows us a new perspective of the world every day. -SUZY KASSEM, AUTHOR

The water doesn’t know how old you are. -DARA TORRES, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST

Every single day I’ll keep you with me, no matter how far from me you are. -S.C. STEPHENS, AUTHOR

Inspirational Quotes

What do you do with all your pennies? I give them away. It’s good to spread your luck around and it always comes back to you. -FANNIE FLAGG, ACTOR

Even a snail will eventually reach its destination.

A woman with confidence is hypnotic. A smile is mesmerizing. Presence, openness, a sense of humor these are all things that make a woman attractive. -JESSICA ORTNER, AUTHOR

Sometimes you have to work  hard for what you want. Sometimes, hard work is what makes it precious.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is that they must change if they are to get better. -GEORG CHRISTOPH LICHTENBERG, SCIENTIST

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined. -HENRY JAMES, AUTHOR

Just as when we come into the world, when  we die we are afraid of unknown things. But the fear is something from within us that has nothing to do with reality. -ISABEL ALLENDE, AUTHOR

I have to live if I want to be remembered. -SUZANNE YOUNG, AUTHOR

The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard. -WILLIAM HAZLITT, ESSAYIST

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