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51 Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are short enough to keep you interested but long enough to cover the essence.
Some might find the quotes amusing. Some might find them inspiring. Some might see the dark reality of the society in the quotes. Some might find the best solutions for their lifelong problems in them. But one thing is for sure. Quotes will make you feel the unshakable truth.

Inspirational Quotes

1- Too busy preparing for victory. Ask defeat to come some other day!

2- Ask troubles to come some other day. Am too busy troubling troubles today.

3- I am born to seek answers. I am born to ask questions. What? Fear of hell? I don’t care.

4- A thousand pigs can kill a lion, but they cannot convert him into a pig.

5- I am not a hard-liner. Its just that my intellect is not fuzzy.

6- Don’t teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you.

7- My biggest problem is my inability to crib about problem when I know the solution.

8- Many hate me because I extend their own logics outside their comfort zones.

9- Ability to see future is more often a bane than blessing. I pray I see only what I can change.

10- I do not harm innocents. But I do not tolerate rascals.

11- Wise said, “Never discuss religion and politics.” I ignored and am hated by those who were writing poems on me yesterday!

12- I enjoy what I do. And the rest is worse than torture for me.

13- They say success is not achieved on ground, you need to fly. Doesn’t matter. I am not in mood to crawl either.

14- Let Man Singh play masterstrokes. I play with the heads of violent invaders.

15- One who doesn’t surrender before its vices makes the tyrants surrender before him.

16- External pressure can only change my strategy but not the cause I fight for.

17- Strongest arms are those that can defend the weakest. A strongest mind is one that can feel what the mind of the weakest feels.

51 Inspirational Quotes

18- Change yourself when people are right. Change people when you are right.

19- Best time to give your best doesn’t coincide with best of your times. Just fight, no matter how worst the situations are.

20- Fight for what you believe in. Because if you don’t, soon you will be forced to believe something else.

21- Let the innocents know you by love. Let the tyrants know you by strength.

22- Most let their soul die to save their life. But few let their life go to save their soul. These few create history and are remembered forever.

23- Fire in the heart for achieving greatness, truly lightens the dark path of life.

24- Not all situations can be best for us. But we can be best in all situations.

25- Sometimes you get into troubles because you know more!

26- We have warriors who are not Adhyatmic. We have Adhyatmic saints who are not warriors. If you want both, and follow real Krishna.

27- False notion of non-violence is impotency in disguise.

28- Don’t waste time arguing violent ideology. Just curb it violently. And do justice to humanity.

29- If enemy is strong, be lethalIf enemy starts the war, you end it.

30- Whenever intolerance is dealt with tolerance, know that latter will be dealt with former somewhere soon.

31- Non-violence is best thing to do to those who believe in same. It is worst thing to do those who don’t.

32- Whenever intolerance is dealt with tolerance, know that destruction is near.

33- O warrior king! Your sword should be thin enough to chop demons. Your shield should be thick enough to protect weak.

34- There are some whom you have to love, some whom you have to change and some whom you have to fight. Act wisely.

35- When a community tolerate the intolerance for too long, it becomes like football. It will be kicked until intolerants achieve their goal.

36- Two eyes for an eyelash ensures that you see better than enemy.

37- To say Mughals ruled India for centuries is exactly like saying Ajmal Kasab ruled Mumbai for 48 hours.

38- To revive true history is our national duty.

39- If we do not try to know our past, our enemies will write or future.

40- Why read history, why not create it?

41- If you destroy history, history will destroy you.

42- If a history book does not fill your heart with resolve and pushes you for action, better throw it in dustbin. There are more entertaining ways to lose potency.

43- Analysts are good at writing history. Doers are good at creating it. Join the second pool. There is less competition.

44- Two wrongs never make a right. But lamenting one wrong and ignoring another wrong makes a third – much bigger – wrong.

45- India has many Heroes who created our future but are not found in history.

46- Future will be mirror image of past if you don’t change your behaviour in present. Learn from history.

47- It is called wisdom to attack our enemies first if they are dangerous to our existence. Or we should celebrate our stupidity and die.

48- Anti-nationals and bigots have little concern about society as a whole and all they look for is their own racial superiority.

49- If one side keeps hating the other, survival of the other is ensured by bigger hate for hatred. Gandhi Ji ke Bandar dont help.

50- Secularism – imposed by the crooks and for the timid – turns history into mythology and mythology into history.

51- When peace is a result of justice is sign of Valor. When peace is a result of tolerance is sign of cowardice.

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