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37 Inspirational Quotes

Quotes are short enough to keep you interested but long enough to cover the essence.
Some might find the quotes amusing. Some might find them inspiring. Some might see the dark reality of the society in the quotes. Some might find the best solutions for their lifelong problems in them. But one thing is for sure. Quotes will make you feel the unshakable truth.

Inspirational Quotes

1- Non-violence towards the enemies of the nation is the highest form of violence towards the nation!

2- A country that prides in worshipping criminals is bound to be destroyed.

3- Vidur advised Dhritrashtra to kill Duryodhan as soon as he was born. And we gifted land and money to Pakistan.

4- Bal Thackerey was a prophet when he declared Militant Hinduism to be only option left.

5-An honest Anti-Superstition Bill will mean certain western religions are banned for demanding blind belief in unbelievable.

6- It’s not that we didn’t love life. It’s just that we loved motherland more than life. – A true nationalist.

7- Let go of urge to dig out old wealth. Invest energy in creating new wealth. Nation will transform.

8- India is secular. But its enemies on borders & within are not. Secularism is a theoretical concept taken seriously at wrong time.

9- You don’t change religion if a casteist fights you just like you don’t change Daddy if your moron brother fights you.

10- If society doesn’t realize that it is tolerating injustice and terrorism, it won’t realize when it becomes slave.

Short inspirational quotes

11- Secularism without nationalism will give us a country fragmented by communism.

12- India is not Poor country, India is Poorly Managed country.

13- The crimes committed to generate poverty in the nation are far more punishable than the crimes committed out of poverty.

14- Dalits are Kshatriyas of Hinduism like any other martial group in Dharma. They’ve been proving it from Maharana Pratap’s time till today.

15- India is secular is biggest lie. Only Hindus are.

16- Don’t be a burden. Be a gift to nation.

17- If we had made Maharana Pratap “Father of the Nation”, we would have been dominating instead oftolerating.

18- If you don’t fight for freedom then, you have no right to mourn about being slave!

19- To go for Hunger strike to resolve any issue is like fighting with your enemies by committing suicide.

20- Appeasement is only possible when religious minority is more powerful than majority.

21- When cults have been established instead of Dharma, India started becoming slave from intellectual powerhouse.

22- If you know you enemy, you are in trouble. If you don’t know your enemy, then you are dead.

23- When country’s leaders become too much tolerant, public becomes the victim.

24- Being intolerant race is better than becoming extinct race.

25- Only knowledge of Dharma is not enough. We must know how to protect it.

26- We should not be religious fanatics. But we must be strong enough to trash them.

27- Be the sword of Dharma. Eeshvar will be your shield. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah.

28- Truth is not enough. You need power to establish and protect Dharma.

29- All religions are peaceful, except the one which claims to be the most peaceful.

30- Do not ask if terror has religion. Ask which religion terrorists follow. You will get the quick answer.

31- Profit = Loss. This equation holds key to solve all problems in world.

32- Blame your God for gifting me a brain that is too evolved to be seduced by virgins of Paradise.

33- Blind belief devoid of reason is only a recipe to nurture terrorists.

34- Violence is not good or bad. Intent is. Someone fighting for motherland is called soldier. Someone fighting for 72 virgins is called pig.

35- Either be as peaceful as peacefuls or violence will kill you.

36- Religion which can’t allow you to use your brain, will use you to make this earth hell.

37- Illogical faiths start at blind belief and terminate at silence or in most cases violence.

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